SABRI’s determination to being successful in life as a singer/songwriter is conspicuous. She will never let any kind of negativity influence her WAY to being successful and making it in the music industry.With her soulful R&B music, SABRI’s goal is to reach people’s souls. At the age of 4 she was intrigued by R&B, Soul and Hiphop music. Listening to Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah and Mary J Blige, made her embrace music and singing. As SABRI grew older, she got more and more inspired by artist with a story to tell. “Lauryn Hill’s single Doo-Wop (That Thing) was the first single I’ve owned and from listening to her music, I knew that I wanted to make music and be an artist myself. Her lyrics and voice inspired me.”


Before making music for her own artistry, SABRI wrote for other artist first. “It’s more about the creating process of making music then it’s about me singing the song or somebody else doing it. I just love the creating process of making music and that will always be number one to me.” Her motivation of having a successful international career in the music industry as a singer/songwriter, is mainly to show other talented musicians from all over the world that everything is possible as long as you just work hard and believe in yourself. “I want the focus to be on my music.  What I look like, what brands & what I wear, should not have to matter. Music is art and art comes in so many different ways.”

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